Monday, October 4, 2010

Nuit Blanche 2010

Nuit Blanche... more like they should start over Carte Blanche...
Now, I'm not trying to be a bitch about it, but for the last few years I've been all excited to discover art, installations and fun in the city on this faithful night with no avail. I mean, what's going on Toronto?
So, that night my friend and I decided to explore Zone B ( Yonge-Dundas and surrounding areas) because it had the largest concentration of Exhibits and Independent Projects on display... or so it seemed.

I have to say, people really seem enthusiastic about getting out and experiencing art and one another... I mean mass mobs don't lie...but every year I just feel like something is missing.

My friend and I traversed Yonge-Dundas Square, City Hall and surrounding areas... What a load of pretentious crap. What a waste of potential. Nothing is ever clearly labelled or charted out... I spent most of my time speaking to people about where things were supposed to be rather then viewing the exhibits themselves.

Now what I DID come across had the raw elements of being quite powerful or engaging, but fell short in leu of pomposity... I'm OVER IT!

Ultimately, most people that come out to Nuit Blanche are just looking to have a good time ALL night long.
Some of them might have an understanding of conceptual art, but most of them just appreciate art and wanna have some fun!
The most successful Exhibit I saw that night, and that I've seen since the conception of this Event in  Toronto was put on by Chevrolet, believe it or not. The Chevrolet CRUZEremix experience. 
They commandeered a parking lot between City Hall and University Ave and fitted it with a test driving track and elevated DJ both.

The concept here was that you would test drive these Chevrolet cars in what looked like a grown-up go-cart track; your facial expression and comments would be recorded from within the car and displayed on a big screen behind the DJ both while your comments where then mixed with the House music the DJ was spinning... Genius!
Not only are you engaged with the art, but you become the art.
Lastly the music was so fierce, that people kept coming in waves to join this impromptu party and it became a huge dance session.

Mobs of people dancing, laughing and having a great time in a parking lot in the middle of downtown Toronto... Now THAT'S what it SHOULD look like!

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