Wednesday, November 23, 2011

T'was the Bitch Salad Before Christmas!!!

So, it wouldn't be Christmas without our end-of-the year helping of a festive holiday favourite- Bitch Salad.
Come all ye faithful on Tuesday December 6th at 8:30pm, and enjoy some Santa sanctioned hilarity. $10 at the door.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Hey guys!... it's been a while...
                   Ok, I know... I've been the worst. I've been soooo busy lately! I haven't carved out the time in my life to keep up this blog, and really, there's no excuse. I need to recommit to posting shit here on the regular. For reals though. I'm gonna make it happen despite the whirlwind. Mark my words!

So I'm back... and you know what else is back.. kids, in school. I'm going back to school for a short stint myself. I'm attempting to re-learn french. I went to Montreal with a few work buddies of mine, and became OBSESSED with the city! I was gagging left and right. Everything was awesome- people, places, things...
so I decided, 'why not learn french?' My class start September 21st. I'm so excited! I better be the prettiest bitch in the class!

Going back to school is gonna be super fun, but in all honesty, I'd much rather go "BLACK TO SCHOOL" like the fabulous ladies headlining this months BITCH SALAD.

Slotted to happen Tuesday September 20th, "BITCH SALAD Goes Black To School! 2 School is Black in Session!" is a much anticipated re-mount of the wildly successful show the happened in 2009. ( I think...) Hosted and produced by Andrew Johnston.

Please come and check it out, it's gonna be hilarious. You will catch a multitude of jokes. Guaranteed!
Also, Andrew has started a Podcast to go along and expand the BITCH SALAD brand- and he's asked me to be part of it. Take a listen.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Hey guys,
               I know it's been a hot minute since I've posted anything.. I'm terrible, I'm well aware. Life gets busy, new things and projects occupy our time, it's not always easy making time for everything we want to do, no matter how much we love doing them. Seriously though, I could stand to have an extra day tacked on to every week. God I'd be SO much more productive, or at least I tell myself that. 
Anyway, moreover, as I blogged about earlier this year, I've got a small exhibition of my working hanging on the walls of the Rushton. A fabulous little restaurant that serves up exquisite cuisine and high style. Naturally, my work looks amazing displayed in this cozy space, against exposed brick and modern furnishings.  Gurrrrl, it looks good! If you have a chance, check it out. The show runs until March 31st. 
The resturant is located at 740 St.Clair Avenue West. Stop in. Have a drink. Look at some art.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another Year to Get it Right

So it's 2011, one year ends and another begins.. another chance to get it right. 
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, honestly the month of December is and always have been my hibernation period... I don't know what it is about that month...the cold, lack of sun, holiday insanity or gluttonous behaviour associated with it, its straight up a time where I am not trying to do any kinda work... Full Lazy Girl Month.. it's terrible.
But, it's January 2011, and it's time to get started 'cause it's late. 
This Year is all about change, transformation, and setting myself up for the future. 
Here we go...