This portion of the Blog is going to be dedicated to anything that is image or print based design: Layout, Illustration, Advertising... you get the idea.

So I've all of a sudden had the urge to start taking pictures. I was at the Exhibition a few weeks ago and I was really inspired by the colours and lights of the place.
Not being prepared, I went for my iPhone and starting shooting whatever tickled or intrigued my eye.
These photos were the result. I think I may have to invest in a proper camera. I think I could potentially do some damage. Exciting!

I've had a lot of feedback about the Squnigy Bitch Logo. People seem to want the other bitch. Fine. Here it is.
I originally always envisioned this version of Squingy on the logo. I need to trust my instincts. 
Kinda love it! 

Ok, so I completely forgot that I was supposed to get together with my friend Symeon today to work on some projects we've been batting around. Independently, I did take the opportunity to  work on some Squingy Bitch stuff. I've been playing around with a logo. We thought it might work on t-shirts and stuff. Here it is. It's a simple vector drawing that would lend itself to the printing process.
It's not bad.

So I was going through some old files on my computer tonight, trying to make room on my already cramped hard-drive, and I came across this image.

This is one of my older fashion illustrations that I converted into a 3 colour image for a client who used it as a graphic on a set of t-shirts. I forgot how much I really liked this look... and I think there's a real market for it. I'll have to re-visit this style in a small body of work. So totally fresh and modern. FIERCE!

Over the years I've produced A LOT of design work. Some of the work I'm most proud of is my fashion and lifestyle illustration. Here is a smattering of some of my digital art.

I really like to use analogous colour schemes, texture and pattern to create interest in the pieces. Also, these tools are a great way to lead the viewers eye throughout the compositions.

   This is an Illustration by Marcos Chin.
You may recognize the style from the 'Lava Life' ads from a few years back. I've ALWAYS LOVED his work and it has been a huge influence on me.  

Although we both work using vector based design, I'd say that his work is more organic than my own, while I take a slightly more rigid, graphic approach. 

Regardless... the stuff is awesome... 

When my friend Symeon and I get together, there are usually jokes to be both had and caught.
As a creative in his own right, Symeon is in the process of starting up a media company called 'Ankhenaten Media'.  Rest assured there are MANY joint ventures in the works. One in particular is a comic strip series with an interesting protagonista.
The origin story of this character is amusing, and one where I end up with egg on my face.
Her name is Squingy Bitch.
What you ask does squingy mean?... well urban dictionary defines it as this:
"Patois or Jamaican word meaning small or tiny, sometimes shrivelled"

So why the word 'Squingy'? well we've kind of appropriated the word to describe people, particularly gay guys, who think they've got it goin' on...., who are shut off, but who are so EASILY shamed when they misstep. 

Now how this pertains to me... ( 'cause I don't exhibit any of these qualities right???)
Picture it, winter, last year sometime. He and I were walking home after work. The road was particularly icy as I recall. I was wearing my pointy boots that look fierce, but offer no traction against a slick surface. I was in a rotten mood, spouting off some venomous read about someone...  and before any one of us could realize it, I fully took the biggest bail, with both feet  going clear over my head... It could NOT have been more cartoon like. 
Symeon, in hysterics followed the spill by saying; " That what you get for being a Squingy Bitch!"
And thus the character was born. I went home that night and started drawing.

So the idea with her is that she carries herself with an air of superiority and false class, but she always ends up getting into some kind of situation that leaves her embarrassed or mortified... so you end up sympathizing with her... It's gonna be hilarious.

here are some working drawings for the bitch.
Note the perpetual pout

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