Sunday, November 14, 2010

This is old news but- 'To Wong-Foo, Thanks for NOTHING Julie Newmar!'

Ok, so after seeing Priscilla Queen of the Desert, the Musical and revisiting the 1994 cult classic film, I decided to go back and re-watch 'To Wong-Foo Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar'. Truthfully, I'd never actually seen the movie the entire way through.Only ever watching bits and pieces when it aired on CityTv, years back.While sitting down to view the film, it dawned on me... this movie is a piece of CRAP!
Swayze in painted face lookin'
like someones mom
And it all came back to me. I remembered why I hadn't taken the initiative to watch this thing from start to finish in my youth... I was repulsed, 'those guys don't make convincing women at all'- I thought, and a spritely me was right... The casting was TERRIBLE! Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes and John Leguizamo in dresses... I mean who thought that would be a good idea?!? Don't get it twisted, Patrick Swayzes' face DID take paint well, but really, that's where it ends... Way to Butch!
The parallels to Priscilla are far too apparent. Three Queens in a vehicle trekking across a great land for some prize at the end.
To Wong-Foo stops short of a story and gets sidetracked. The story stops being about the queens and their own trials and development and starts being about empowering middle-American white women. Haven't we seen this predictable plot enough. So BORING. And besides, teaching women drag secrets is RuPaul's job now bitches. Maybe she got the idea for Drag U  from this movie, after all she did have a small cameo in the film. , but I digress. 
Ultimately, To Wong-Foo was an American flop monopolizing on the hype of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, and attempted to pander to a wider audience demographic by casting big Hollywood stars in otherwise unlikely and unsuited roles.

I'm sure ALL this has been discussed before and is SO totally obvious, but it was just something that I was compelled to put to writing.

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